It's a book series about the southern continent
We'd like to introduce a series of 4 books about Antarctica. The plot contains various facts about this continent, how it's being studied, who studies it, why it's so important, how a polar station works and what problems are being solved by scientists.

What links the books together is the main character — a journalist named Tom.

Book 1. About polar stations in Antarctica
Book 2. About glaciers
Book 3. About nature in Antarctica
Book 4. About technology used on the continent
The four books put together form a circle, showing a map of Antarctica
Author Tania Medvedeva
Illustrator Maria Vyshinskaya
Editor Darya Plaksunova
Proofreader Elena Sorokina
Reader's age
260х260 mm
64 pages
The first book tells about a polar station in Antarctica and the way it works
The dream of the journalist, Tom, finally comes true. He is going to Antarсtica as part of a scientific expedition. During a couple of months together with Mr. Tillands, he learns a lot about this amazing continent and the people who work there.
What will be inside?
The first people on the southern continent
How to survive in polar regions
Why aren't meteorologists sleeping?
The wardrobe secrets, or Shackleton's Pants
One-dog open sleigh in Antarctica
How do I watch Netflix in Antarctica?
Safety rules... for penguins

and much more!

Examples of the spreads
pages 26-27
pages 28-29
Pages 28-29 unfold to make a circular spread
pages 32-33
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About the authors
Tania Medvedeva
Tania is a popular science writer for kids, a STEAM teacher, a creator of a scientific online school, one of the first popularisers of STEAM approach in Russia.
Maria Vyshinskaya
is an artist, an illustrator who works for publishing houses in Russia and China, an active participant in art markets and festivals as well as a co-creator of a community of illustrators called "Illustratorskaya sreda".
Darya Plaksunova
Darya is an editor of popular science books for kids and an editorial agent in Russia. Darya helps authors and illustrators to publish their work. She is also promoting her own book "The secrets of ordinary things".
Why does this book need to be published?
This is a unique, beautifully illustrated and large-scale series of popular science books about Antarctica. The books are based not only on multiple scientific sources and studies of this continent but also interviews with real polar explorers. This series is sure to inspire the next generation of scientists.
We have created a website where we collect interviews with polar explorers and other interesting materials.
Read the first interview with polar explorer Sergey Korobov
Interested in this project? Please contact us. (Tania) (Darya)

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